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Daniel Negreanu skips chance to bash Annie Duke at 2012 WSOP

by Jeremy

One of the longest-running and most entertaining poker feuds of all-time involves Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke. It’s not entirely clear what the spark was that started this war - most signs point to Duke’s arrogant attitude - but whatever it was, Negreanu seems intent on carrying this fight to the grave.

As evidence of this statement, KidPoker once called his nemesis a fu**ing cu**, and has bashed Duke for everything from representing UB Poker to the horrible way that she treats other players.

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Interestingly enough, Negreanu was recently given the perfect chance to bash Duke at the 2012 WSOP. The matter of whether or not Duke should be allowed at the WSOP (because of UB Poker representation) was brought up to the Canadian, but he politely resisted the urge to rip on her. Instead, he merely said the following:

She sucks so that’s good for the game but I don’t have any problem with Annie Duke playing the WSOP. The WSOP is a private entity so they have the right to ban anyone for whatever reason they want. But personally I would never ban anyone from the WSOP unless they were cheating.

Okay, so this comment wasn’t completely warm and fuzzy, but saying Duke sucks at poker isn’t quite up there with calling somebody a fu**ing cu**.

We’re sure that no love is lost between Negreanu and his arch enemy, but maybe his focus is set squarely on winning a fifth WSOP gold bracelet - rather than thinking up witty put-downs for Annie Duke. He did come fairly close to winning the 2012 WSOP Event #5 $5,000 PLO Hold’em tournament; however, KidPoker busted out in fifth place, leaving him searching for bracelet number five elsewhere.

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