Daniel Negreanu scoops $50k while on Twitch

by Jeremy Olson on April 21, 2015

Just recently, we discussed how Daniel Negreanu has been active on Twitch, much to the delight of many poker enthusiasts. And while the Twitch session was great, the only complaint is that Negreanu was forced to play fake-money games due to his Las Vegas residence.

One thing I suggested - as did many other people - is that he visit his hometown of Toronto to play some real-money games at PokerStars. And perhaps Negreanu heard everybody’s requests because his latest broadcast was from a Toronto hotel room.

Specifically, he was grinding in $400/$800 mixed games with some heavy hitters like Ben Sulsky, Luke Schwartz and Niki Jedlicka. Despite the difficult competition, Kid Poker earned himself a nice $50,000 profit. He also took part in PokerStars’ biggest weekly event, the Sunday Million.

What’s great about this particular session is that we got to see Negreanu offer some real strategy tips and analysis on his own play. Previously, in the play-money session, he mainly chatted while admitting that there was nothing really at stake.

It’s pretty cool to see that Negreanu’s poker skills go beyond live tournaments, which many players claim are easier. Of course, Negreanu is one of the top live tournament grinders, so it’s little surprise that he can also hang in high stakes online poker games.

Assuming you’d like to see this session, and hear Negreanu talk strategy, then take a look at his Twitch channel. Also be prepared for some funny impressions of other players and more entertaining poker stories.