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Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates Interview regarding Jose Macedo

by Jeremy

By most accounts, Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates has kept a pretty good reputation within the online poker community after becoming an elite high stakes poker player. However, whether it was justified or not, Cates’ reputation has take a hit following the Jose “Girah” Macedo cheating scandal since he had ties to the former Lock Poker pro.

As has been much publicized in the past, Cates coached Macedo a couple of years ago, and was a large reason for The Portuguese Prodigy’s success. In addition to this, Cates and fellow pro Haseeb Qureshi were considering moving to Portugal with Macedo so they could keep playing in the PokerStars high stakes games.

All of this being said, some people were tying Cates’ reputation in with Macedo, and Jungleman12 wanted to clear the air about his involvement with Macedo. So he did an interview with Bluff Magazine earlier today in order to further explain his ties with Girah. Some of the best questions and answers featured in the interview are written below:

BLUFF: At what point did you first hear about Jose possibly being involved in scamming people ?

CATES: I think about a week ago “kjemmy” messaged me on Facebook and said he thought Jose may be involved in a scam. He gave me a long list of details. I asked Haseeb about it, although, to be honest, I did not think it was possible that Jose was scamming.

Based on what exactly?

I had just thought he was a straight up guy. A couple of people told me he was very trustworthy.

What was your reaction once you realized that Jose was, in fact, scamming people?

My reaction was a mix of ‘How does this make sense?’ and ‘What was he thinking?’. I feel like there is some gap in my understanding of Jose. (I) wasn’t sure what to think of him after I learned of it.

You and Haseeb had plans to meet up and live with Jose in Portugal. Do you still want to meet him or just wash your hands of him entirely?

If I want to meet him now, it’s for an explanation and for my money back. I know for a fact that I took action versus one of the two names of his friend (sauron1989, dollarman) so it seems likely that he has scammed me as well.

So what does this do to your reputation and how do you go about it changing that or repairing the damage?

Well, once again, it was Jose that did wrong, not me. Perhaps not trust people I do not know more thoroughly in the future?

You have to admit, that your image has taken a bit of a hit here simply because of your connection to him, no?

Sure, as to how much, I don’t know specifically. I hope not too much.

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