Dan Bilzerian talks Guns, Heart Attacks and Phil Ivey

by Jeremy Olson on March 25, 2014

It’s safe to say that poker isn’t the wide-open, gambler’s game that it was 10-15 years ago. The strategy is refined, players are nittier and some consider poker to be less fun. But that doesn’t mean poker isn’t without its bright spots. And those who love entertainment definitely consider Dan Bilzerian to be one of these bright spots.

The polarizing high stakes poker pro recently sat down with All In Magazine to discuss a variety of interesting topics, ranging from his love of guns to his comments on Phil Ivey being broke. “Everybody went crazy about that,” he laughed with regard to the latter. “I thought a lot of people knew that. I could be wrong … I wasn’t talking s— about him. I was discussing poker and talking about how these super-talented guys end up.”

Anybody who follows Bilzerian’s Instragram knows that he’s a gun nut. The All In crew actually got to see plenty of these guns all around his Los Angeles mansion, most of them loaded. Bilzerian also told them a story about how he once blew up an RV in the dessert with a 50-caliber rifle.

With his love of guns, it’s no surprise that the 33-year-old once spent a considerable amount of time training for the Navy SEALS. He made it through “Hell Week,” but couldn’t complete the training due to multiple stress fractures in his leg. “Blitz” tried again, however, was later discharged for a gun violation that he contests to this day.

Bilzerian also revealed how he once suffered two heart attacks in the span of a day. The first one was fueled by a four-day binge of drinking, drugs, little sleep, sex and working out. While still in the hospital for the first heart attack, Bilzerian suffered another one.

Keep in mind that we haven’t even discussed half the topics that were covered in the All In article. So check the entire thing out if you get the chance.