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Curiously, Legal Progress Being Made for Online Poker

by Omar

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what argument you’re trying to fight for, but who you have on your side helping you along the way. Ever since the controversial UIGEA was quietly passed over five years ago, some brave Congressional leaders have unsuccessfully been trying to push forth agendas that sought to legalize and regulate the online poker industry. For their efforts, they have hit one brick wall after another. Curiously, since Black Friday occurred, we have seen the exodus of four of the largest online online poker in the world and their banishment from the United States market.

Brave individuals like Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts have been trying to create legislation that works for both sides for the better part of three years. Time after time his attempts have met resistance and although he has conceded many items to the opposition, he has largely failed through no fault of his own. His goal was to provide prospective poker players the ability to play their favorite games without worrying about events like Black Friday from happening.

Now all of a sudden,as the online poker market has now completely opened up as the major players have been driven away, it now seems as though new state and federal regulations are actually making progress. Today it was announced that in Nevada, an online poker bill successfully passed the Senate Judiciary committee. Assembly Bill 258, otherwise known as AB 258 doesn’t address all of the rules and regulations for online poker.

However it does pave the way for the Nevada Gaming Commission to begin the process of establishing regulations and issuing licenses to poker operator. The big caveats, however are that first, a federal law which legalizes online Internet poker must pass through Congress and the Department of Justice must tell, in writing, the Nevada Gaming Commission that interactive gaming is allowed interstate through federal law. If this happens, and it is expected to happen, Nevada residents would be allowed to play on online sites that are regulated officially within the state.

In a statement published by Assemblyman William Warren who sponsored the bill, he said “We have to have all our ducks in a row and be ready to go to the next day.” Basically what this means is that it appears unlikely that these developments are going to happen overnight. In actuality, they have been in the works for quite some time. The green light was given to move forward once Poker stars Full Tilt Poker and others essentially met their maker.

Ultimately, this is the type of thing that online poker fans and players and observers have been wanting to have happen for years. However, it is happening not with he already established giants of the market place but rather upstarts from Las Vegas, Nevada who appeared to have been biding their time and waiting for the right opportunity. Now that their opponents have been knocked to the canvas as they were also-rans on an undercard boxing match at the MGM Grand, they’re ready to step up to the plate and begin to fill the void left because of Black Friday. Sometimes it pays to have friends in high places…

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