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Crockfords, Phil Ivey battling over £7.3m in Gambling Winnings

by Jeremy

To those who closely follow the poker world, Phil Ivey’s gambling runs are legendary. He commonly wins and loses millions of dollars in single gaming sessions, which makes him an intriguing client to casinos. Crockfords recently took on his business after Ivey promised to put up a £1 million bankroll so he could play high stakes punto banco.

This certainly turned out to be a good gamble for Ivey because he ended up winning £7.3 million after playing punto banco for seven hours (split over two days). At first, everything seemed to be going fine since Crockfords said they’d transfer the money to Ivey in a couple of days; however, they started investigating the matter instead.

At this point, the famous poker pro has yet to receive his money - though no concrete evidence of cheating has been discovered yet. The best idea as to why Crockfords still hasn’t forked over the money comes from Daily Mail UK when they wrote the following three excerpts (not consecutive):

“Accompanied by a ‘beautiful Oriental woman’, Mr Ivey, a 35-year-old Californian, was playing Punto Banco, which is a skill-free variant of baccarat, when he struck a remarkable winning streak.”

“While it is unclear what, if anything, Mr Ivey has been accused of, lawyers for both sides are said to be engaged in an increasingly tense stand-off. It is not thought that police have been alerted.”

“Suspicions over the win intensified when it was discovered that his companion’s membership of another Mayfair casino had previously been suspended.”

So in the end, it appears to be that Crockfords is most interested in the “beautiful Oriental woman” who was kicked out of another Genting-owned casino. But seeing as how Ivey won this money over six weeks ago, it seems like the London-based casino needs to have some better evidence if they’re going to keep the winnings.

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