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Cole South - Latest to Leave CardRunners

by Poker Team

Regardless of any preconceived notions, or what you may think of online poker training sites, what can not be argued is that they have changed the face of online poker. Some detractors believe that these sites are bad for the game, but customers are loyal are swear by the results. Believed by many to be a breeding ground for hyper-aggressive play, one of the more established and popular such sites is

However, in recent months the site has been plagued by mini-scandals involving some of their members and news that one of their most popular coaches, Cole South is leaving, may cause some more customers to follow suit. On his personal blog making the big announcement of his departure, South wrote:

“I have had an amazing experience as a lead instructor with Cardrunners over the past few years, but today I am announcing my departure from the company. At the end of April I will be moving on both as an instructor and as an owner of the business.

This decision has more to do with myself than Cardrunners. In the past year I have at the same time been a full time student, a professional poker player, and an owner/instructor of a poker training site, and I’ve found myself spread too thin. Leaving Cardrunners has been an incredibly tough decision for me, but it will allow me to focus on playing poker and completing my degree.”

Reaction to the news on the popular internet forum was of universal disappointment as South is well respected and liked among his peers. He made almost daily headlines at the beginning of 2010 as he was online poker’s biggest money maker, raking in over $3 million in profits at one point. However, he has slumped as of late, unable to book a win over the past 3 weeks. Whatever he chooses to do with his new-found free time is not certain although he did express an interest in returning to school. However, many before him have expressed similar intentions but not always followed through. Whatever the case, his clients will surely miss his advice.

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