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Coached Players fare well at WSOP Main Event

by Jeremy

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed how Jesse Sylvia and Russell Thomas both opted to hire poker coaches before the 2012 WSOP Main Event final table began. Sylvia hired Vanessa Selbst while Russell Thomas paid for the coaching services of Jason Somerville. Later on, 21-year-old Arizona State University student Jacob Balsiger followed their lead by hiring Mike McDoanld as a coach.

In hindsight, these three final table members made a good decision to get coaching because they’re all due for a huge payout. Sure the Main Event final table has yet to be completed with Balsiger, Sylvia and Greg Merson all still vying for the top prize. But when you look at how things have played out thus far, you can really get a good idea on how effective hiring a poker mentor has been:

1. TBD - $8,531,853
2. TBD - $5,295,149
3. TBD - $3,799,073
4. Russell Thomas - $2,851,537
5. Jeremy Ausmus - $2,155,313
6. Andras Koroknai - $1,640,902
7. Michael Esposito - $1,258,040
8. Rob Salaburu - $971,360
9. Steve Gee - $754,798

Regardless of who finishes where at the top, Thomas, Balsiger and Slvia will have grabbed three out of the four biggest Main Event payouts. Balsiger is especially impressive in this matter when you consider that he started out eighth in chips when the final table began play on October 29th.

With such big success looming for the coached players, you can guarantee that this trend will grow even more in future WSOP Main Events. After all, what’s paying $100k or so for a mentor when you stand to make several million dollars by finishing near the top of the Main Event? To the trio that we’ve just discussed, the coaching fees were nothing compared to the money they’re about to receive.

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