Clonie Gowen Awaiting Legal Response from Full Tilt

by Poker Team

Update: The original article on this story incorrectly reported that Gowen’s attempt at suing Full Tilt was dismissed. This was originally mis-reported by a journalist at We apologize for the oversight in reporting.  I would like to thank for bringing this to our attention.


Regarding the lawsuit file for the Gowen Case, in the conclusion ( it says: “Accordingly, Defendant’s Motion should be denied in its entirety and Defendants should be ordered to immediately file an answer.” What is actually going on, is we are awaiting the legal response from the defendant (Full Tilt and Tiltware) which will be published on the 27th of April. Stay tuned for the response.

Gowen, formerly part of ‘Team Full Tilt’, in November of last year she filed suit in Nevada court against Tiltware LLC, the software company linked with Full Tilt, claiming breach of contract. Seeking damages of $40 million, she had accepted 1 % ownership of the company for being a celebrity representative in 2004. However, in 2007, all Team FTP members pocketed distribution checks apart from her, forcing her to seek damages.

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