Clonie Gowen Lawsuit Against Full Tilt Runs Out of Outs

by Poker Team

Professional poker player Clonie Gowen is currently in Australia, playing on behalf of PokerStars in an Australia-New Zealand Poker Tour event. However, she was just dealt a knockout blow in a legal arena yesterday as her final attempt at a lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker was turned away.

Citing a reach of contract against the world’s second largest online poker site, Gowen sought $40 million in damages against her onetime sponsor. Her original suit named Full Tilt Poker, Tiltware, Tiltware’s CEO, and several other Team Full Tilt Pros as defendants but was twice given opportunities to file suit against other variations of the group. According to the original suit, in 2004 Gowen signed on for a sponsorship that was to pay her 1% of Full Tilt’s profits.

However, fundamentally, he suit had several holes that were repeatedly pointed out by the courts and was ruled against because of the fact that she was never entitled to the partnership because at no time was she ever responsible for putting up any of her own money for losses the site incurred prior to their times of profitability. In the official ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Jones wrote,

“Nowhere in the allegations does Plaintiff allege, consistent with a general partnership, that the agreement made her liable for 1% of Full Tilt Poker’s losses before it became profitable. Therefore, it is not plausible that a partnership, limited or general, was offered.”

Following almost 24 months of legal wrangling, this seems like the end of the road for Gowen’s quest. Fortunately, she has over $1.7 million in poker tournament winnings to date to soften the blow.

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