Chris Moneymaker on Weight: “I’d really kind of let myself go”

by Jeremy Olson on September 30, 2014

While Chris Moneymaker is no doughboy, he’s also not going to fool anybody into thinking that he’s a fitness model. But the 2003 WSOP Main Event champ has recently been inspired to change his lifestyle and drop some pounds.

Moneymaker blogged about the matter while discussing a recent trip to the Bahamas. The Atlantis Hotel served as Moneymaker’s base for playing the WCOOP this year, and he met up with his poker buddy Calvin Anderson. While staying with Anderson, Moneymaker was introduced to some new lifestyle habits, and here’s an excerpt about what he learned during the trip:

Calvin is very much into eating a healthy diet and keeping fit. He’s a vegan, so he’s always eating fruits and drinking coconut water and that sort of thing. He also does yoga and other healthy stuff that really doesn’t exactly fit with the Chris Moneymaker lifestyle. But while I was there he got me to go along with that path, and so the whole time I ate very well and did yoga and everything else.

One of the things I realized right away was how eating a healthy diet and getting exercise made me feel better. But I also was getting kind of fatigued, too. We’d get up pretty early in the morning to do yoga, then by the time we would play the tourneys after a few hours I’d get tired. I made a couple of deep runs — I made one Day 2 and almost made another for a couple of decent cashes. But it was a lot of effort to stay focused for those long days and nights.

Moneymaker went on to discuss how he’s been working hard to improve his poker game, but also noted, “I’d really kind of let myself go in terms of fitness.” Weighing in at 217 pounds - the same size he was during the 2003 Main Event - Moneymaker has since vowed to change his ways and get back down to a healthier weight.

The famed poker pro doesn’t plan to go vegan like his pal Anderson. However, he does want to eat healthier and get down to 190 pounds by the next PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) in January. He’s also going to be a spokesman for USANA, a company that makes energy drinks, supplements and vitamins.