Chris Moneymaker hints at Full Tilt Poker Sale

by Jeremy Olson

This past summer, PokerStars’ parent company, The Rational Group, struck a $731 million deal to buy Full Tilt from the US Department of Justice. And so far the results have been fairly successful, with Full Tilt maintaining a top-5 position among the world’s biggest poker sites. But despite this fact, Chris Moneymaker thinks that The Rational Group could be selling Full Tilt soon.

What sparked Moneymaker’s comments was an interview question about whether or not Full Tilt was struggling. He responded with the following statement:

I wouldn’t say they’re struggling. They are still one of the biggest poker rooms in the world, but the action on PokerStars is so good that it’s bad for the cash games on Full Tilt.

It’s a different thing about the tournaments, as they have a lot of different tournaments that take place at different times. I wouldn’t be surprised if Full Tilt is sold off eventually.

When pressed about whom he thought could be purchasing the poker room, the 2003 WSOP Main Event winner said, “No, it would rather be a brick-and-mortar casino like Caesars. Any big, affluent casino that can afford to pay $950 million or whatever it’ll cost.”

It’d be quite interesting if The Rational Group chose to sell Full Tilt, given that they haven’t even owned it for a year. Plus the company has been able to do some very interesting cross promotions with both Full Tilt and PokerStars.

But then again, if they could get somewhere in the neighborhood of $950 million, as per Moneymaker’s comments, it might be worth it. And a company like Caesars, that’s trying to get in the online poker game, could just be willing to pay this huge price.