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Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, the Movie Producer?

by Poker Team

Besides being one of the most successful poker tournament players of all-time, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has shown a penchant for being a good business man outside of poker too. Ferguson is one of the owners and faces of Full Tilt Poker, which has made him a very rich man. And the winner of the 2000 WSOP Main Event is looking to get even richer since he is going to be making movies now.

This deal was finalized when Ferguson and his business partner Ray Bitar (the main man behind Full Tilt Poker) agreed to invest somewhere between $5 and $10 million into a film company called RCR Pictures. And RCR Pictures is headed by movie producer Robin Schorr, who has the Academy Awards nominated documentary Food, Inc. and The Prince and Me on her resume.

But despite her impressive credentials, getting Ferguson and Bitar to invest in movies wasn’t easy. In fact, Schorr said it took over a year and a half before the duo pumped their millions into RCR Pictures. With everything in the books now, RCR Pictures is ready to work on their next major project in a remake of the 1966 hit Nevada Smith.

Nevada Smith starred Steve McQueen in a quest for revenge after his parents were brutally murdered. With both Ferguson and Bitar involved in the movie, it will be interesting to see if a poker scene might somehow make its way into the remake.

Whether or not a poker scene fits into this movie is irrelevant though because Schorr seems interested in making a poker film sometime down the line. She stated this when talking about the company’s future projects as she said,

“$5 million or $10 million can get you on the ground floor of many projects, and we hope to have a slate of 15 projects or more by the end of the year. And, yes, I would love to find a poker movie.”

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