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ChiliPoker Offering Something Unique to Players - Online Poker & Social Media Combine Forces

by Omar

Social Media Mixed with Chilli Poker

With the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it was probably just a matter of time before a real money, online poker site would figure out a way to integrate the two products.  After all, Facebook’s Zynga Poker software is still the site’s most successful hosted application and continues to grow each day.  It also seemed to be a foregone conclusion that it would be one of the online poker giants, PokerStars or Full Tilt.  However, it is a relative unknown that is leading the social networking and poker pairing.

The site is called ChiliPoker and within the past 48 hours they have managed to make the merging happen.  Some of the resulting features now available has online poker players buzzing with anticipation. Some of the exciting new features are the ability to challenge your friends to an online cash game or tournament, make last longer bets with each other and even sell parts of their own action to people to stake them.  Particularly of interest is the staking feature as the transactions would be handled automatically directly through the poker client.  Historically, although poker staking is commonplace online and live, there are countless examples of deals gone bad, even amongst friends.  Whenever an arrangement involves money and trust, there is always a certain amount of suspicion and trepidation.  ChiliPoker essentially removes that angst.

The founder of the company, Alexandre Dreyfus, released a statement saying…

“ChiliPoker always has been close to its players through a very strong customer care team and more lately through our successful live event tour in Europe, the Deep Stack Open. By listening to them, we understood that online poker players wanted to enjoy the same experience that they could in land-based events. We decided to add this social experience online along with a ‘challenge’ system. More than ever, our motto ‘Spice up your game’ is true.”

The main components of ChiliConnect’s system are Share, Connect, Challenge, and Swap.  The Share component is the one that allows players to post results of their choosing on the social media outlets.  Hand histories and stats can also be shared in this manner.

For Connect, Chili has a site-driven Buddy List which easily tracks other players in their network’s results. Players can use the list to find players they like to play with.  However, arguably the best component is the Challenge. This is where players can do their last-longer bets. The site will hang onto the funds that are wagered, automatically tracks the progress and settles the bet at the end.  The last component is the Swap. This is where players have the ability to swap a percentage of their winnings with friends participating in the same tournament. The maximum that can be swapped is 40% and can be done through paying for part of the players buy-in.

The only downside at the moment seems to be that the site is not yet open to players from the United States. This may be a problem until the UIGEA gets repealed and the gambling legislation is changed. That could be awhile.

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