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Tim Tebow’s Name used to promote Poker Event

by Jeremy

Controversy has erupted over American football player Tim Tebow’s name being used to promote a charity poker event. Supposedly, the Denver Broncos quarterback was going to play in the Colorado Poker Championship to benefit cancer. However, the NFL has strict rules against its players competing in charity events, and they have especially take a disliking to games of chance.

This all makes it highly unlikely that Tim Tebow would play in the Colorado Poker Championship - even if it is to supposedly promote cancer. But that didn’t stop somebody from tweeting this to poker pro Gavin Smith:

@olegsmith Plz RT to show your support tebow playing poker for @AmericanCancer charity before the main event!

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The account that tweeted Smith is listed under Amy Sandoval, who is making the claims that Tebow will be playing in the aforementioned charity event. But poker journalist Jon Friedberg hasn’t been buying any of these lies, and also took to twitter to clear the air with the following:

Jon Friedberg @JonFriedberg Close
@lasvegaspokers @Kevmath @MsPokerMafia @MicheleLewis I just hope the casino isn’t behind this in trying to promote their event. Shady

Jon Friedberg @JonFriedberg 1 Jan
@MsPokerMafia yes 100% fraud. I don’t know whether the tourney is real, but NFL players cannot participate in any poker or gambling

Amy Sandoval also went on to claim that Denver Broncos cheerleaders would be attending this event, which many took as a further attempt to con players.

It’s worth mentioning that there is a real championship poker event in Colorado. However, many are skeptical as to whether the Sandoval twitter account user has any connection to the poker tournament, or what her/his real intentions are in regards to lying about Tebow.

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