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Cereus Offers 7 Deuce Hold’em Prop Betting

by Poker Team

All over the online poker world, players can find some pretty interesting promotions.  Some sites have generous deposit bonuses, some offer freerolls, and some offer some of the best tournament series around.  Others still offer niche promotions such as bad beat jackpots or rewards for losing a hand in devastating fashion.

7 Deuce Hold’em Promotion

The Cereus Poker Network, has just announced perhaps the most unique poker promotion anywhere on the internet, something they call 7 Deuce Hold’em.  Now, holding 2-7 is the worst starting hand in poker and is an easy fold to any action, in any position, in just about any circumstance.  However, on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, it may pay to play them as you would pocket Aces.  Why is that?  Well, for 2 weeks, players on the two sites who win a hand holding 7-2 will receive bonuses.  The 7-2 prop bet is one which is common in many live cash games, but this is the first time it will be used online.

How the 7-2 Prop Bet Works

How it works is rather simple.  Absolute and Ultimate Bet will have to first sit down at a specially designated 7 Deuce Hold’em table.  Once there, players will contribute to the side bet by posting 1.5 – 2 times the big blind.  Any player who wins a hand holding the 7-2, scoops the prop.

The 7 Deuce Hold’em tables will be there to stay, but to get people interested, they will be offering a 2-week running leaderboard which lists each player that wins with 7-2 and how many times they have done so.  Each winning hand accumulates 1 point and the top 10 point earners receive a cash prize - $500 for low stakes games and $1,000 for high stakes games.  If that’s not all, the top 100 point earners at the end of the promotion will take part in a special $5,000 freeroll.

This is quite a unique promotion and Cereus is the first to attempt this.  It will be interesting to see if some of their competitors will follow suit if this is successful.

You can play 7 Deuce Hold’em at Absolute Poker.

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