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CEREUS Network Player Base Hacked - Company Silent

by Jeremy

The CEREUS Network, which houses UB Poker and Absolute Poker, has a long history of shading dealings and scandals dating back to the POTRIPPER story. And it seems as if the company will remain scandal-ridden right down to the very end because a new report claims that the CEREUS player base was recently hacked - thus exposing personal details of over 3.2 million players.

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The story comes from Mark Slatcher of the Tulsa Poker Examiner, and he writes:

In other news revealed today, it has been reported and confirmed today by poker journalist Kevin Mathers that the complete customer database had been hacked and posted online. Details are still sketchy, but @KevMath tweeted that someone had forwarded him the URL, and he confirmed the account data has been published. For obvious reasons, he did not share the URL. According to various sources, the list contains approximately 3.2 million player records. Among the personal information published are the customers’ full names, physical addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and IP addresses.

What’s particularly disturbing about this story is that no statement has been made regarding the matter from Blanca Games (CEREUS’ parent company). Considering the fact that personal details from so many players are floating around out there, you’d think that Blanca Games would at least want to warn them.

Going back to the Tulsa Poker Examiner article, the writer points out how there are supposedly still a handful of people playing at the site. However, it’s widely believed that these are merely prop players who are being paid to play while “attempting to convince any maladroit fools to deposit new funds.”

The article also reveals that poker reporter and former PokerNews editor Haley Hintze plans to release a book on the UB/Absolute Poker scandals, and will “bare the entire ugly story, shining a spotlight on the major players and executives responsible.”

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