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CEREUS Poker Network Changes Hands

by Omar

The oft-embattled and controversial CEREUS Poker Network which owns both and Absolute Poker have once again changed ownership. Last night it was announced that a company called Blanca games had entered an agreement to purchase the online poker network which is still open for players from the United States . Though the information released is still in its infancy, more details are expected to emerge sometime next week with a press release from former owner, Tokwiro Enterprises.

Now in charge is Chief Executive Officer Stuart Gordon. In a release made available to media outlets last night Gordon said of the deal,

“The acquisition of CEREUS is a significant opportunity for us. CEREUS is a major platform of well-managed assets. Over the past few years, it has created new brands, like, that are extremely well-positioned in the most desirable demographic in our market: players in the 20s and 30s age brackets… From our perspective, we have acquired a large, sophisticated online gaming operation with state-of-the art capabilities, ranging from compliance to business intelligence to online marketing to customer service. We see a tremendous growth opportunity in this deal and beyond, as Blanca seeks additional acquisitions in the market.”

It seems that the previously virtual unknown entity that is Blanca is poised to make a serious run at the heavy hitters of the online world. At the very least, they seem to be looking forward to moving on with a bit of a clean slate as they had nothing to do any of the controversies associated with either o the first two regimes. Should they follow through on their stated dedication to continuing to beef up security the real winners will be CEREUS’ current and future player pools, many of whom still view the site with a bit of trepidation.

For the short term at least, the day to day operations of the site will remain unchanged with changes expected to be announced in the weeks and months to come.

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