CBS brings Poker Night in America back for 2 More Seasons

by Jeremy Olson on December 12, 2014

Maybe TV poker isn’t dead since CBS has chosen to renew Poker Night in America for two more seasons. In addition to this, the show will move to a stable time slot at 10pm EST on Monday nights.

The show’s producer, Todd Anderson, cited 888poker’s sponsorship as a huge reason why his program will be coming back. Here’s an excerpt from Anderson’s latest blog post:

Good News!! CBS Sports Network really likes the show and they have renewed Poker Night for two more seasons. Not only that but we’ve collectively agreed that the show needs a more stable timeslot (no more rodeo delays), so starting January 5, PNIA will air every week at 10pm EST on Monday nights.

More good news!! Our title sponsor, 888poker, is also back and has renewed for two more seasons of PNIA. We couldn’t have done this without our friends at 888poker.

Season 1 of PNIA spanned 29 episodes. And Season 2 is set to run for another 26 episodes; no word on the length of Season 3 yet.

Assuming you watched the inaugural season, Anderson discussed that future episodes will feature changed graphics. Specifically, players’ hole cards are going to be shown in a more traditional format.

Other than this, viewers can expect to see many of their favorite poker players hitting the PNIA tables once again. There were plenty of memorable moments from Season 1, but perhaps the biggest involved Phil Hellmuth donning a baby-blue onesie after losing a prop bet. Another good moment was when PNIA held their Ladies Night episode, which you can check out below.