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Cash Game Championship Coming to PartyPoker

by Poker Team

At present time, the online poker community has a lot going on. Full Tilt Poker has announced its plans for its latest FTOPS series and PokerStars is gearing up to announce their lineup for the World Championship of Online Poker. Given that action, one would assume that there is no reason to play anywhere else. No so fast, says PartyPoker, once the world’s online poker giant. That’s because they have just announced that starting next week, on April 5th, they will be kicking of their Online Cash Game Championships.

Cash Game Championship Details

This promotion is like nothing else ever done before and as you can tell by its name, it is not at all another tournament series. Instead, PartyPoker is reaching out to the online cash game grinders by offering a unique contest that everyone can participate in, regardless of the bankroll. Up for grabs is a share of a $250K prize pool. Players wishing to participate can do so up until April 9th and all players will begin on a level playing field.

The rules are a bit complex. All players will earn rewards as they qualify by working their way up a set of tiers based on cash game stakes size. To qualify at a given tier level, players must play a minimum of 400 hands at that level. If a player plays multiple days at a given level, their best 400 hand day will be used to determine whether they advance.

To calculate results, PartyPoker will use the following formula to tally up a player’s win rate: (total win) - (total bet) = (total profit). A set number of top finishers in one tier move on to the next tier in a pyramid style ladder with the field being thinned out from tier to tier.

All players will start with tier 1 (.50/$1 no limit) which will run from April 5th to the 9th. The top 30% of player’s with the best single 400 hand day in that level will move on to level 2. The remaining 70% will have qualified into a “Second Chance” level. Both level 2 and the “second chance” will run from April 12th to the 16th, again playing .50/$1 no limit. However, the top 30% of level 2 players along with just the top 10% of “second chance” will advance to level 3. Here is where it begins to get interesting. All players who have now qualified for level 3 will have $50 deposited into their online accounts, marking the beginning of the cash giveaway.

Level 3 takes place from April 19th through the 21st and the game of choice becomes $1/$2 no limit. Again, the top 30% of players based on win rate advance, this time pocketing an additional $200. From there, level 4 is again $1/$2 no limit and the top 50 players there will be awarded $400 apiece. Level 5 moves up in stakes to $2/$4 and the top 18 players are rewarded in grand style with $3000. On May 3rd, level 6 begins at $5/$10 no limit and players win rates are now calculated based on 500 hands. The top 6 finishers advance to the finals, level 7, and all will have earned $10,000 each. They will then duke it out for $500 hands at which time their win rates will be calculated for the final time. Here are the prizes for the top 3 finishers:

1st – $40,000
2nd – $20,000
3rd - $10,000

This promotion is truly unique and someone fortunate enough to go on a heater at just the right time will be rewarded handsomely.

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