StoxPoker and CardRunners Merge – Good for Business?

by Poker Team

CardRunners & StoxPoker MergeFollowing suit with the announcement of the Cereus network with Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, two powerhouses in the poker training arena have now done the same, StoxPoker and CardRunners. The reception from the general poker playing community online has been lukewarm so the question remains, was this good for business?


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Benefits of CardRunners and StoxPoker Merge for players

  • Zero-Cost Activation Fee: StoxPoker will drop the $99 sign-up fee for new members and offer a 33% discount for twelve month memberships. Signup to StoxPoker now.
  • Narrowly Focused Instruction: StoxPoker will continue to emphasize small- and mid-stakes games instruction through classroom-style learning, StoxPoker University, and personal coaching. Similarly, CardRunners will continue to deliver premier training services for advanced poker players.
  • Affordable Joint Memberships: CardRunners Gold members can add six months of StoxPoker for $118 and save 30%, or add a full year of StoxPoker for only $150 (a 55% discount). StoxPoker members can add 12 months of CardRunners for less than $22 per month on an annual basis. Signup for CardRunners now

According to Lee Jones, COO of CardRunners it’s a good deal for someone who’s a current member of one site or the other but not such a good deal for members who already signed up with both sites. The upside is more training material in one place, the downside?

Cons (downside) of the StoxPoker/CardRunners Merger

  • CardRunners doesn’t anticipate offering all the CardRunners videos to Stoxpoker members at no additional cost, nor vice versa. What they will do (actually are already doing) is offer members of one the content of the other at a substantial discount compared to what they would have paid before.

Online Poker Training

Online poker training has grown tremendously over the last few years as a cottage industry. It’s certainly now on the cusp of becoming mainstream with more players embracing the concept. With the depth of offerings now between these two sites, one has to wonder just how much more competitive online poker games will become. Will it still be profitable for most players? No. It isn’t profitable now for most players. Can the casual player still enjoy a good game without being eaten by the sharks? Sure, assuming they play good starting hands and use good judgment.

At the end of the day, even the best players still make donk plays. They do it live, they do it on TV, and they certainly do it on the Internet. Race car drivers get the best training for their sport, they still wreck all the time. Poker is no different. So it appears that your bankroll is safe for now!

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