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Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Hits All Time High

by Poker Team

It is any online poker player’s worst nightmare to have an uber-strength hand like Aces full of Kings and lose to quad Kings or a royal flush. However, at one online cardroom in particular, bad luck such as the one described could be the best possible thing to happen to a poker player. Carbon Poker’s “The Bad Beat Jackpot” is among the most talked about promotions in the online poker world and currently stands at $788,926.45, an online record for a badbeat jackpot that continues to grow around the clock. At its current rate of growth, it is expected that the jackpot will eclipse the $800,000 barrier before the new year. The online site, which also boasts Caribbean Stud 10 cent and $1 jackpot which stand at about $50,000 apiece, has seen steady growth in membership in the past year which coincides with the bad beat promotion’s introduction.

Players from all over the globe have been flocking to Carbon Poker in the hopes that their luck will be good enough to be bad enough to collect what would amount to be one of the single largest payouts by an online poker site. The way the jackpot is fed is at every table designated by a special marker, each pot collects .50 to be put directly in the jackpot. If and when the jackpot is hit, 20% of the total goes back to start a new jackpot, 35% goes to the losing hand, 17.5% goes to the winning hand and 17.5% gets distributed evenly to the remaining active players at the table. As one could imagine, the bad beat tables are frequented by a higher volume of players that the regular tables. In terms of parameters, any hand from quad sevens and higher is eligible for the jackpot and is reportedly the lowest qualifying hand for a bad beat on the internet.

Should no one take the prize down, it is even possible that the dollar figure could eclipse the $1million mark sometime in late winter, early spring.

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