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Calvin Ayre Opens Pocketbook for Haiti Relief

by Poker Team

As was previously reported, the ongoing tragic events in the island nation of Haiti has caused the poker community to band together and raise money for various charities attempting to provide relief to the decimated country and downtrodden citizens. Add Bodog founder Calvin Ayre to the growing list of poker celebrities doing their part to try to help out financially.

It was just announced that Ayre has gone on record saying he would match the contributions of the online poker community up to $1 million and donate it to Oxfam International, a charity group whose goal is to fight worldwide poverty. Those who follow Ayre know that he was quick to respond after the quake first hit, making an initial donation of £10,000. He was the first to announced plans to match donations made by others to other charitable organizations but has ultimately decided to go with Oxfam. In a prepared statement, Ayre wrote,

“We would consider matching confirmed funds to qualified organizations other than Oxfam. We chose Oxfam because it is a well known reputable organization and I like focusing as much money as I can through one organization as this maximizes impact on the ground.”

So by sending donations through one group, Ayre believes will have the greatest impact.
Logistically speaking, the donation will be coming from the Calvin Ayre Foundation, a philanthropic group he created which in the past has focused on assisting underprivileged youth around the world.

Those interested in joining Ayre and donating to Oxfam and having Ayre match it can do so at

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