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Cake Poker Mobile Software Update

by Poker Team

Cake Poker seems like they are making an effort to keep their own niche in the online poker landscape. After already becoming one of the first sites to have a mobile-capable ready platform, Cake Poker has recently updated its product. Though they were pleased in their stature as one of the few places that players could play poker on their cell phones, they always believed that improving the product would be a key to its success.

Originally, as it was a new novelty, their was something missing from the details perspective when it first launched. The new updates looked to address some of the things that were lacking. For starters, players now have the ability to perform game selection better as you can now see on each table the percentage of players seeing flops. This is a big enhancement as players are not just jumping blindly into unknown games anymore, now they have a sense how it is being played. Also, there are some new game detail enhancements as players can now re-buy chips while seated at a table and they can not play in some tournaments. In addition, for those playing with smaller screens, they now are ale to play with a 4-color deck if they so choose. Lastly, the software client is now able to be used with Blackberry’s.

Overall site stability issues have also been addressed as players are less likely to be disconnected and players who are sitting out, may now also watch a table’s action as it happens. It seems that these changes are moving players closer to being able to experience the full Cake Poker software right from their handheld devices.

At the same time, Cake Poker has also been revamping its main tournament schedule. Mainly it seems they are doing so to keep players from leaving during the times of bigger money tournaments. Specifically, Lee Jones, Cake Poker Card Room Manager said that

“We found the most popular $50 tournament on the Internet and parked our $50 tournament right behind it. Now, our players can play at Cake along with our competitor’s event.”

Seems to be solid rationale as it will not discourage players from leaving their site for other pastures. In addition, though Cake is well-known for their plethora of rebuy type tournaments, they are making an aggressive move towards more freezeouts instead. It should be noted that although there was some initial concern after the World Series of Poker nixed it’s rebuy events, once there, they did not seem to be missed and perhaps the online poker world is now following suit.

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