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Cake Poker Makes Gold Stacks Promo Easier to Obtain

by Poker Team

With increasing competition among the upper echelon of online poker sites, some of the smaller poker sites are recognizing the need to keep up with the “Joneses”. To their credit, they are responding, through generous giveaways, increased guaranteed tournament prize money and by improving their poker player rewards programs.

One of the sites looking to continue to maintain relevancy is Cake Poker. Several months ago, Cake Poker announced their innovative new player rewards program called Gold Stacks. From day 1 seemingly, player reaction was mixed. Though pleased that Cake finally had an easy to understand program in place, attaining the actual rewards had been somewhat challenging. Well, Cake Poker has responded to player concerns by making the rewards easier to obtain than before. In fact, the rewards are now 50% easier to earn than before.

There are several other modifications as well. Beginning with level 10, the rewards will be dished out instantly as players earn them, rather than forcing players to wait. If that’s not enough, Cake is also making it even easier to advance from one tier to the next, in some cases lowering the requirements by up to 50%

In addition to the more player-friendly rewards changes, Cake is also offering more on the virtual felt. They are doing so by offering more money in special multi-table tournaments beginning in April. Tied into the Gold Chips/Cards rewards, Cake announced that they will be offering $50,000 up for grabs in their popular Gold Card Race. Among the changes being implemented include the awarding to 50 players $155 apiece from the monthly Race. If that’s not enough, they will also hold a $150,000 Point Race. It will be structured by holding 4 weekly races with prize pools of $25,000 each. Players earn race points with every frequent player point they accrue. The top 200 players make the money each week with the person sitting on top of the leaderboard walking away with a cool $1,500. The top monthly player in turn will receive $3,500 for their efforts.

When reached for comment regarding some of the changes, Cake Poker Card Room Manager Lee Jones said,

“As far as we know, nobody has ever done a rake race where the value of points you earn increases each week through the month. We’re delighted to give the latecomers a fair shot at winning the big monthly prizes.”

By taking the initiative towards working on self improvement, Cake is showing the poker world they mean business.

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