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Cake Poker Launches Gold Stacks Rewards

by Poker Team

These are some exciting times to be a Cake Poker customer. For years, Cake Poker has been known for its unique Gold Chips and Gold Cards rewards programs. By playing at their tables, players earn chips and cards that can be used towards entry into freeroll tournament and other unique giveaways such as entry into preliminary events for larger live tournaments. On some occasions, accumulating those items can enter players into lotteries to attempt to win other prizes.

Gold Stacks Reward Program at Cake Poker

Just this week, they announced a new variation of their promotion dubbed the Gold Stacks Reward Program. In a nutshell, it is just what it sounds like. Lucky players will instantly win cash prizes placed directly into their poker accounts.

How it works is simple. Much like the Gold Chips, as they play, players will be accruing Gold Stacks. Each time a player plays enough to complete a Gold Stack, they will earn a prize. That’s all there is to it. Here is where is becomes a bit complicated. A player can earn up to 50 Gold Stack levels with certain numbers of Chips for each level to be attained. An example illustrated on Cake Poker’s website shows what attaining a level 20 means a player will need to have earned 11 complete Gold Stacks.

Players who earn their stacks quicker are entitled to larger rewards. The stacks can be earned through cash game, sit and go and multi-table tournament play. Additionally, the Stacks can be carried over from month to month, and once a player attains a level 11, they will not lose stacks for lack of participation.

This is a great time to get in on the action at Cake Poker and reap instant rewards. Download for free and get an exclusive $500 bonus

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