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Busted Greg Raymer answers Questions

by Jeremy

The past couple of weeks have definitely been a trying time for poker pro Greg Raymer. He was busted for soliciting a prostitute and stepped down from the Poker Players Alliance board as a result.

One good thing about the 2004 WSOP Main Event champion is that he’s not hiding out after the prostitution arrest. In fact, he appeared on FlopTurnRiver to answer some questions - although none involved the prostitution bust. Raymer discussed his reason for not answering questions about this by writing:

I know that many of you are curious about my arrest a couple of weeks ago, and want to know more. I appreciate your questions and your interest, but I am still at a point in the process where my lawyers have advised me to not answer most questions on that subject. What I would like to say is that I am very sorry for the pain and suffering I’ve caused my wife, daughter, and family, as well as for any disappointment or difficulties I’ve caused to my friends and fans. Also, I appreciate very much the words of support and encouragement received from many of you. Now let’s talk about poker!

As you can imagine, there were plenty of questions thrown Greg Raymer’s way because he’s such a hot topic right now. And while we won’t post every single Q&A - which would get quite lengthy - it is worth mentioning what Raymer had to say about multi-table tournament strategy. When asked about what strategy a person should use for a WSOP Circuit event, he wrote:

Just play your normal game. There are no adjustments you need to make for a large field. You can only win chips from, or lose chips to, the players at your table. So focus on them, and how to do your best against them. Whether the tournament is 100 players or 10,000, you will need to outlast about 90% to make the money. And that requires the same amount of skill and run-good for either event.

Here’s a closer look at all of the questions and answers from the session. Perhaps after his trial, which happens on April 18th, Raymer will open up about the prostitution bust.

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