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Buddhist Poker Monks taken to Court

by Jeremy

A few months back, there was a huge controversy in the Buddist community. The dilemma arose from a video that captured a handfull of monks playing poker and behaving in ways that Buddhist monks don’t typically behave. The eight monks who were exposed in said video looked more like true grizzled rounders than holy figures as they smoked and drank alcohol while playing poker. What’s worse is that they wagered with donation money, adding up to a whopping US$875,000.

The dust has settled now and two of the eight monks have been handed their punishments. A South Korean court has ordered the two monks to pay a number of fines adding up to $1,775. It may seem as though these monks are getting off easy with only two being punished and having to pay moderate fines; however, those involved showed extreme remorse, thus swaying the courts to give a lighter punishment.

As if this were a plot twist in a movie, the people responsible for creating the discriminating video were punished more harshly due to their wreckless behavior. The videographers broke into a hotel room - damaging property during the escapades. This resulted in them receiving suspended jail sentences for their breaking and entering charges.

Former Jogye Order leader, Seong-ho, is held accountable for the release of the video; however, he may not be one who was given a suspended jail sentence. There has been plenty of documentation of Seong-ho having critical opinions about the currnet Jogye Order leader, Ven. Jaseung. The former Jogye leader may be planning to make Ven. Jaseung look like a weak leader so he can reclaim his position.

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