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Brunson Leaves Doylesroom Nameless

by Omar

Ever since last month’s Black Friday, The only constant in the online poker world is in how it continues to evolve. What began with indictments of the heads of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker and subsequent banishment of US players was only the beginning.  Indeed early on there were more questions than answers. With each passing day, the online poker landscape continues to change.

Things are constantly in a state of flux and there are moving parts everywhere.  Site operators are trying to figure what they can and can’t do according to US law.  While earlier activities were largely ignored or unnoticed, it sure seems as though “big brother” is watching now.  Players face a plethora of issues themselves.  Tens of thousands of players, professional and amateur alike still remain estranged from money that belongs to them, as both federal law and overwhelmed cashout personnel stand in their way.

The latest development had led to a rather funny thread on poker forum in which posters debate what the future holds for the site in question.  The site is  The news development is the revelation that the living legend himself, Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson has announced that he will no longer be associated with the site.  In a statement released to, Brunson said,
“Reluctantly, I have decided to terminate my endorsement contract with It pains me to leave at this time. I have aspirations of reentering the online poker business when the United States Government passes legislation, that officially legalize online poker sites. Doylesroom management has decided to continue to serve U.S. customers. Although they believe they have the right to market the name Doylesroom and to use my name and likeness for a period of time, I have asked them not to.  Good luck-Shuffle up and deal.”

The obvious humor in all this lies in the speculation surrounding what exactly the site will do for a name.  After all, this isn’t exactly your standard endorsement deal. The site is named after the poker legend and it’s logos feature the man’s likeness, sometimes as a photo, sometimes as a silhouette.  Separating him from the site is no easy task as a result. How about the name? Can they get away with naming it or .

These questions and others are up for debate on the forums right now. Once again, there are more questions than answers.  One theme does keep coming back however. Many posters said they were Doylesroom customers because they trusted Texas Dolly.   The same posters said that they too may leave the site as well.  If that truly is the case, then another popular site has just ridden off into the Texas sunset.

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