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Bruce Buffer Reveals Others’ Net Worth

by Omar

Known as the ring announcer for all of the major (and minor) boxing and MMA matches, Bruce Buffer has recently delved into the poker world.  No, not as an announcer, but as an actual player.  In fact, from all accounts, he actually represented himself well at the events that he entered, even going relatively deep in the Main Event, surviving several days in the process.  As one of the most verbose individuals you will ever meet, Buffer seemingly has something to say about just about anything.  In a recently taped video interview currently circulating on, Buffer had no qualms about speculating how much money some of the world’s most well known poker pros are worth, in particular, the great Phil Ivey and online high stakes phenom, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan.
Buffer’s most discussed statements were that Ivey’s net worth is approximately $100 Million while Dwan’s worth is $50 Million.  Buffer claims to know these figures as facts and not just speculation.  Why he has decided to take to the airwaves and discuss other people’s finances don’t make much sense as doing so is generally in poor taste. In alternating portions of the interview, he seemed to take great pride in name dropping, claiming to have strong friendships with many of poker’s heavy hitters.  Whether or not this is actually true is unknown although the fact he would even discuss such things has drawn sharp criticism from those who follow the forums.
One poster, who echoed the sentiments of many said “I think its possible Ivey is worth 100 million. All of his sponsorships and what not, and net worth includes ur buildings and cars. And most poker players aren’t even close to this obv, we’re just talking about Phil Ivey.”
Another poster continued, “Ivey could very easily have 100m, he crushes any game he plays and add in a pretty hefty sponsorship to that. Dwan I very much doubt but who knows what kind of sick live games he’s playing, and the sick degens he can find to give him money. I mean if they can both afford to throw away 1 mil on random props they’ve got to be decently well off.”
Whatever the case, Buffer’s comments seem to be in poor taste and has not earned him too many fans.

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