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Brian Townsend Suspended for 1 Month at Full Tilt Poker

by Poker Team

Isildur1 has had a stranglehold on online poker headlines since bursting on the scene in early November. Most of the talk and buzz has centered around the record shattering action he has brought with him to every game he has played. In fact, of the 8 largest pots in online poker history, he has been involved in all of them, winning 4. However, in this case, he is not a news maker for anything he actually did. Rather, he is in the news because of the planning his opponents have done in order to try to take him down. In comparing notes, Full Tilt “Red” pro, Brian Townsend has been suspended for one month for what amounts to studying Isldur1’s tendencies with other fellow players.

It seems as though Full Tilt Poker may be protecting the player who almost single-handedly has caused a surge in the amount of traffic to the site as players have flocked to his tables in the hopes of witnessing something special.

Earlier this month, over a span of over 17,000 hands, Townsend managed to take Isildur1 for $1.6 million. It was revealed shortly thereafter that Townsend and others had had lengthy conversations about Isildur1’s tendencies after they had a large sample size of his hands. Apparently, discussing hands in this manner violates Full Tilt’s Terms of Service and is seen as a type of collusion. Other players read Townsend’s comments and immediately reported them to Full Tilt and after a short investigation into the matter, the one month suspension was handed down. The official rule that was broken states:

“Players are not permitted to use the hand histories for hands that they have not personally participated in.”

It seems as though Full Tilt is willing to go out of their way to protect this mystery player as this unprecedented action shows how aware they are to the impact Isildur1 is having on their site.

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