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High Stakes Pro Brian Townsend running Sahara Desert Race

by Jeremy

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything from high stakes poker pro Brian Townsend. That’s why when he resurfaced via a blog post about running a ridiculously-hard race in the Sahara desert, we thought it was pretty interesting. Townsend described the race in the following blog post excerpt:

I am doing this race with my good buddy, Deyl Kearin. He first told me about this race two years ago. I remember looking at him and saying that he was insane for even considering it. Then four months ago I went to him and said we should do it, so that’s how we ended up here. For those who don’t know, this is a 5 day (technically 7 days but you only run 2k-10k the final two days) 156 mile race through the sahara desert where you carry everything but your own water.

Obviously running 156 miles in the extremely hot Sahara desert isn’t going to be easy - especially if you’re a poker player by trade! However, Townsend has been taking this task pretty seriously as he described his training with the following words:

Today I ran 20 miles in 3.5 hours. 7 miles were to Jericho beach in Vancouver and the remaining 13 were going up and down the same 3 mile stretch of soft sand beach over and over. The girls playing volleyball thought I was insane, but I guess I am kinda that weird running guy now. I have been wearing a 20 pound pack to train but lightened the load to 15lbs today.

20 miles in 3.5 hours may not be on record marathon pace, but it’s very good for running 13 miles of the distance on soft sand! Of course, if Townsend is to complete the Sahara race challenge, he’ll definitely need to keep up with this kind of training. Here’s a look at Townsend’s entire post.

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