Brandon Cantu said WSOPE robbed him of a Bracelet

by Jeremy

The 2012 WSOPE recently came to an end with Phil Hellmuth capturing the Main Event title and his 13th career gold bracelet. And while most people will have this exciting memory to take away from the WSOPE, Brandon Cantu has an entirely different and more bitter memory.

To the outside world, the Las Vegas-based poker pro had a quality second place finish in the Event #5: Mixed Max tournament, which earned him €159,459. But Cantu strongly feels that he was robbed of a victory by WSOPE organizers.

Getting into the details, Cantu and Jon Aguiar faced off heads-up for the gold bracelet and €258,047. However, the casino had to close at 5am before they could finish the match. The tournament director then asked both players if they could come back and finish the tourney the next day; however, Aguiar had an issue with this because he was playing in the Main Event the following day. So WSOPE organizers gave both players a whole day off.

Cantu’s major problem with this was that A) Aguiar was so “tired he could barely hold his eyes open,” and B) he thought it was ridiculous for the Portugal native to get an extra day’s rest. As Cantu felt, the extra day allowed Aguiar to collect notes on his play and consult with fellow grinders about the most effective way of playing Brandon. Some of Cantu’s emotional tweets on the matter include the following:

The next day and completely let a kid rest up and study up with all of his Internet nerd friends just isn’t right I complained that

I just can’t deal with this loss I mean it took an act of GOD for me to lose this match I must have done something wrong for this to

As I can’t sleep I sit here and can’t stop thinking about how Robbed I was… I just realized I will never get over this.

for Aguiar to finish the main then he busts in a few hours and they still made me wait another day.