Brad Booth - From Scammed to Scammer?

by Jeremy

Throughout much of the early and mid-2000′s, Brad Booth was one of the best stories in the poker world. Somehow, “Yukon Brad” went from hustling small-time cash games throughout Canada’s sparsely-populated Yukon Territory to being one of the top high stakes pros in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately for Booth, the good times wouldn’t last forever as he eventually got sucked into the UB Poker scandal initiated by Russ Hamilton and others, and he claims to have lost over $2.5 million here. After losing a fortune, Booth went into a downward spiral where he questioned his game at every point and eventually lost another $1.7 million.

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With very little money left to his name, Booth has spent the last few years trying to collect wherever he can. At one point, the former respectable pro tried to extort Phil Hellmuth through a forum discussion. One choice quote here read, “I need to talk to you now Mr Hellmuth – it’s your last chance to reach out to me. I expect to hear from u within 24 hours.”

Booth has gone even lower as of late after borrowing what’s alleged to be a collective $1 million; this money has still yet to be paid back. Douglas “WCGrider” Polk is one of the owed creditors, and he took to TwoPlusTwo to give his account of dealing with Booth:

At this point he asked for ~$30,000, which I sent him online. Several days later, when we were trying to reach an agreement on when to meet up and transfer, he told me the unfortunate news via text message. The messages are long and rambly, but we eventually agreed to meet up and discuss things. When we met up, he told me the unsettling news of many of his other debts, how little money he has, and the inside scoop on many additional things. I told him if he continues to work with me and stay in contact, and make some small payments at a time, that we can work things out. He agreed, and a week later made me a payment of $2,200. However since then, he has left the country, changed his phone number, and has started completely ignoring me.

Since this post, Brad Booth has issued a heartfelt and dark apology via YouTube. You can check out the video below, and hopefully he’s able to get his gambling problem under control: