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Brad Booth - Attempt to pay Creditors is failing

by Jeremy

Before the 2012 WSOP started, one of the biggest stories involved Brad Booth and the massive amount of money that he borrowed and never paid back. While estimates vary on how much he owes people, a common number that’s been thrown out is $500,000.

After taking a lot of heat about the nonpayment of his debts, Booth made an apology to the poker community in an effort to explain his problems. During the YouTube apology, the Canadian also mapped out a plan to repay creditors that included playing in the 2012 WSOP.

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According to Booth, he was backed for $100,000 at the WSOP and was going to pay 75% of any profits he accumulated to lenders. An example he cited involved winning $500k and splitting this amount 50/50 with backers; from here, he’d give $187,500 to pay off debts (75%).

Unfortunately though, Booth’s path to redemption has been completely derailed since he’s only cashed once in the WSOP. He finished 75th in a $3,000 NL Hold’em tourney, which earned him $5,927 - not exactly the kind of cash that’s going to pay down that $500k tally. What’s especially disturbing with all of this is that 56 events are already finished in the 2012 WSOP. All in all, it looks like an impossible order for Yukon Brad to right his wrongs.

Rumor has it that Booth is playing the WSOP Main Event, which could definitely give him a chance to make major money. However, there are certainly no guarantees that he has a chance to make any money here either - especially when looking back at his lack of cashes so far.

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