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Bodog Takes Another Big Hit

by Poker Team

Within the last 24 hours the legal firm representing 1st Technology, LLC has announced that a $46 million dollar settlement has been reached in their favor in their ongoing battle with Bodog. With interest the total sum due their client is $50 million according to the firm, Flachsbart and Greenspoon. The catalyst for the suit filed last year involves the alleged use of 1st Technology and their patented applications that stream media over various types of networks.

Bodog is no stranger to legal proceedings having lost the rights to their original domain name, forcing them to now use It’s also been repeatedly reported that founder Calvyn Ayre is being pursued by the US Federal authorities. He hasn’t visited the US or his hometown in Canada for the last several years. He even cancelled an appearance at a Bodog event last year scheduled for Las Vegas because of the threat of being detained and arrested in the US.

1st Techonology also sued another company, Parlay Entertainment for a similar patent infringement and issued a statement describing their satisfaction: “We are pleased to have this dispute with Parlay resolved and look forward to working with other leading companies to assist in achieving compatibility with 1st Technology’s intellectual property.”

After processing over $7 billion in wagers just last year, the $50 million dollar settlement isn’t going to shut down Bodog as some rumors suggest but it’s just latest black-eye the company has suffered. In the meantime Calvyn Ayre has maintained a relatively low profile considering the globe-trotting executive just graced the cover of Forbes last year and is well known for his exploits detailed on his blog.

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