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Bodog Poker Signs Poker Pro, Amanda Musumeci. Who?

by Poker Team

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2009 saw the roster of sponsored pros at get cut in half with the defections of both Jean-Robert Bellande and Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo. Left with just 2 pros on their team, David Williams and Evelyn Ng many were left wondering whether or not Bodog would seek to remain serious players in the online poker world. After all, having sponsored pros on the payroll is a valuable marketing tool as players can be seen wearing the sites’ gear at live poker events all over the world.

PokerStars has two types of pros, their sponsored Team PokerStars player who are recognizable all over the world and team online pros which are by and large only recognized by followers of the online poker world. Full Tilt Poker features a seemingly constantly expanding list of sponsored “Red” pros as well. It seemed curious that while everyone was in the midst of bolstering their rosters, Bodog was doing the exact opposite. Well, no more, as Bodog has just announced the addition of Amanda Musumeci to their team and the question on most minds is “Who?”

Toward the latter stages of 2009, Bodog announced that they were seeking to add a female member to their pro team and held a bit of a contest to see who that would be. The Bodog promotion sought out to specifically find a female player to represent their brand. When asked about the big news in her life, Musumeci did not downplay the significance off this opportunity bestowed upon her. It seems that it started out innocently enough, with a friend of hers named John, a regular longtime Bodog customer told her of the promotion and sent her a link to enter the contest. Being that Bodog historically did not seem to have a large female presence, she felt she had a good chance of winning.

The first step in the process involved sending a one page biographical description of herself which shortly thereafter was followed by a first and then a second interview. Finally she was chosen. It was a rather simple process.

Her reward? For starters, Amanda Musumeci has been entered into 10 events by Bodog into this year’s World Series of Poker. She will be playing a mix of events from $1000 - $5000 as well as an entry into the Main Event. A pretty nice score no matter how you size it up.

Before signing with Bodog, Amanda Musumeci was an unknown but these events can quickly turn her into a pseudo celebrity. This leaves many observers to wonder, just how hard is it to become a sponsored pro with a major site. According to Bodog, not a whole lot apparently.

Quick Facts on Bodog Pro Amanda Musumeci

Amanda Muscumeci Screen Name at Bodog: BodogMander

Born: October 4, 1984, Philadelphia, PA
Home: Las Vegas
Occupation: Professional poker & online poker player
Education: Kutztown University - Speech/Mass Communications Major
Claim to Fame: Turned a small initial deposit into a six figure bankroll using smart bankroll management.

  • Shayla Mali

    Amazing.  She sure got lucky!  I didn’t even HEAR about this contest.  So may the best gal win.  Congrats!

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