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Bodog Poker Reveals Expansion Plans

by Poker Team

Fresh off the heels of the announcement that they have severed ties with one of their four sponsored professional poker players, yesterday, Bodog Poker revealed that they are currently moving forward with plans of expansion of the world’s fifth largest online poker site. The fact that they reduced their sponsored pros was merely a business decision and is not an indication of future plans.

The popular online site is currently celebrating it’s 15th birthday with some exciting new promotions which come on the heels of its Bodog Poker Open and comes amidst announcements from several competing sites such as PokerStars, who within the past 2 weeks, announced a myriad of new exciting international poker tours.

A couple of months ago, Bodog released plans for the Bodog Network, which consists of various sites whose purpose was solely aimed at global expansion. Finally, 8 weeks later, new details have begun to emerge. When reached for comment, Vice President of the Bodog Network, Jonas Odman had plenty to say on the topic. In his statement, Odman is quoted as saying:

“We’re talking to potential partners now and will hopefully get someone on board. We have a target list, but we’re looking for someone who is technologically savvy to be the first partner. Ideally, we would like to find someone with a big European base of players.”

Bodog is seemingly committed to expanding a customer base that is currently largely comprised of American players and they view the Bodog Network as a means to that end. In addition, Bodog pales in comparison to their competing sites when it comes to the size of stakes offered as they have nothing remotely close to what PokerStars and Full Tilt offer in that regard. By attracting international players, they will be bringing more money into the site, when coupled with their sports betting capabilities, would make for a more complete destination for more serious gamblers. However, it should be noted that at the beginning, the Bodog Network will only be for poker and once legal wrangling has taken place, then introduce the sports betting into the mix.

As the holidays approach, it seems as though Bodog is giving more reasons for people from all over the world to join in the fun, Bodog-style.

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