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Bodog Poker Open V Only Two Weeks Away

by Omar

The excitement of online poker tournament series has taken the online poker world by storm as of late. PokerStars is currently running the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) while Full Tilt Poker is kicking off the Mini FTOPS. Not to be left out of the fun, Bodog Poker has announced the return of its own special online poker series, the Bodog Poker Open V, or BPO for short. Though not nearly the mammoth entity of their rivals mentioned above, the Bodog Poker Open gives Bodog players the chance to compete in events that are both larger than what they are accustomed to at prices that are still bankroll friendly for most.

For this go around, Bodog has split their event into two tiers, the Championship Series and the Contender Series. As you might expect, the two series or mirror images in structure with the Championship Series with higher buy-ins. The series will begin on Sunday, September 26th and will culminate with dual main events a week later on Sunday, October 3rd. While the series’ on the larger sites offer a broader array of tournament offerings, the BPO five will be featuring exclusively hold em events, six no-limit, and one apiece of Pot-Limit and Limit in each of the two series
Each of the Series’ will be holding events at the same time so all of their clients have a chance to get in on the excitement. The respective schedules are as follows:

Bodog Poker Open V Championship Series

Sunday, Sept. 26 4:00 PM — $100+9 NLHE ($15,000 added)
Sunday, Sept. 26 7:00 PM — $100+9 NLHE Turbo ($20,000 Guar.)
Monday, Sept. 27 8:00 PM — $150+12 NLHE ($5,000 added)
Tuesday, Sept. 28 8:00 PM — $200+15 6-max NLHE ($5,000 added)
Wednesday, Sept. 29 8:00 PM — $30+3 NLHE w/ rebuys ($5,000 added)
Thursday, Sept. 30 8:00 PM — $100+9 PLHE ($5,000 added)
Friday, Oct. 1 8:00 PM — $100+9 Limit ($2,500 added)
Saturday, Oct. 2 — Satellite Day
Sunday, Oct. 3 4:00 PM — $470+30 NLHE Main Event ($200,000 Guar.)

Bodog Poker Open V Contender Series

Sunday, Sept. 26 4:30 PM — $10+1 NLHE ($7,500 Guar.)
Monday, Sept. 27 8:35 PM — $25+2.50 NLHE ($5,000 Guar.)
Tuesday, Sept. 28 8:35 PM — $15+1.50 6-max NLHE ($2,500 Guar.)
Wednesday, Sept. 29 8:35 PM — $5+1 NLHE w/ rebuys ($2,500 Guar.)
Thursday, Sept. 30 8:35 PM — $20+2 PLHE ($2,500 Guar.)
Friday, Oct. 1 8:35 PM — $15+1.50 LHE ($1,500 Guar.)
Saturday, Oct. 2 4:30 PM — $25+2.50 NLHE Turbo ($3,000 Guar.)
Sunday, Oct. 3 4:30 PM — $46+4 NLHE Main Event ($15,000 Guar.)

Though this series is not quite as lucrative as others being on the internet, Bodog tournaments are known for their propensity for high octane action. This is likely to be among the last online tourney series in the calendar year so don’t miss out.

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