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Bodog releases new software

by Poker Team

Bodog Poker announced today that it is releasing a new software in beta version with the ability for players to now re-size tables and play in full screen mode. Additional features include an embedded chat feature, smarter game details, and on-demand player tools such as:

  • Stats
  • Notes
  • Profiles
  • Tournament Details


Bodog Table Resizing

The most anticipated feature of the new Bodog software is the ability for players to resize tables. This has been a popular suggestion for the poker room and now Bodog is giving back by allowing players to give feedback and more suggestions with this Beta version. Players are encouraged to try the software out and provide their opinions on the new client as future versions of Bodog will be tailored based on the input received from their players.

Run Beta and Existing Bodog Software Simultaneously

The new Bodog Poker Beta version can run independently on your machine along with your existing version of Bodog. This means players can choose between the new beta version and their existing Bodog software clients for each session. This will give players a great way to compare and contrast both version and offer their opinions.

Future plans include the ability to play at more than three tables at one time. They will use the same process by introducing the software to players and letting the players decide what works best.

Poker Software by the People

Bodog believes empowering players to make decisions about their software will help them create the best online poker room. By working hand in hand with players, they can work out the bugs and tweak the software for the best possible playing experience for their customers.

I think what Bodog is doing is great for the online poker world as typically a poker room will update their software and then find the bugs when customers write or call in with their complaints. The poker room will then make changes and release a new version with the bugs fixed. By releasing a beta version and working with players hand in hand, Bodog will discover glitches and field customer suggestions to create the best possible poker software for their clients. A truly proactive and user generated process that will benefit Bodog and online poker players around the world.

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