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Bodog Offers No Download Software - Mac Compatible

by Poker Team

Bodog Poker became one of the first major online poker sites to offer it’s players the ability to play directly in a web browser with no download required.  In the past, PartyPoker opened the door to its players to play and even multi-table on a web browser.  However, since PartyPoker no longer allows players from the United States, Bodog is now at the forefront for instant play players and players using Mac’s.

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Bodog Instant Play Software

There are several reasons why the instant play feature is attractive.  For starters, a player is now free to play poker from any location with a web browser available.  It is no longer necessary for one to go through the process of downloading the software, especially if a player is just looking for a quick fix to curb their poker appetite.  In addition, for those players who have workplace restrictions on software downloads, their hands are no longer tied by the rules.

Bodog on a Mac

Bodog is now Mac Compatible. By offering an instant play, no download option, Bodog fans who own Mac computers, can now play directly on their Mac’s.  Previously, it was not possible to play Bodog on a Mac because it required a download.  Their download client was not Mac compatible at the time.

Bodog No Download Drawbacks

The option does however have some shortcomings.  The new option only allows players to play at a single cash game table, meaning multi-tabling is not possible.  Also, players can not play in either sit and go or multi-table tournaments.  Sorry to those players who are looking to compete in Bodog’s big weekly tournaments but can’t download the software.  This solution will not help you with this.  However, the ability to just press a button and be brought to Bodog’s cash game interface selection screen in seconds should be enough to offset that issue.

All of the cash game tables are available, from microstakes limit games to the biggest $10/$20 no limit hold em games.  Please note, the only offerings are the hold’em games at this time, but most Bodog customers are hold’em players anyway.

How to Play the No Download Version at Bodog

All in all, this is a great development by Bodog as they have carved out a unique niche in the online poker landscape. offers the maximum $550 bonus at Bodog by signing up through our Bodog link and entering referral code: 1872835

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