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Bodog Drops Justin Bonomo as Sponsored Pro

by Poker Team

Less than 8 weeks ago, Bodog, a popular online poker room, made the rather surprising announcement that they would no longer be continuing their business relationship with outspoken poker pro and former “Survivor” contestant, Jean-Robert Bellande. Letting go of Bellande meant that Bodog would be down to just three sponsored pros. However, as of this weekend, that number is now just two.

According to the website, online phenom Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo is no longer affiliated with them in anyway. Last week, rumors began to swirl as Bonomo appeared on the UB show Poker2Nite without toting a single piece of Bodog apparel. In addition, adding to the speculation was a segment in which Bonomo discussed some hands from a $5,000 Mixed Hold ‘Em event from the 2008 World Series of Poker. As the tape played with Bonomo’s voiceover, the Bodog patch he wore at the final table was clearly blurred out. This led to the appearance becoming a hot topic on the message boards with many believing that Bonomo and Bodog were no longer together.

These reports were confirmed over the weekend as Bodog had already removed Bonomo’s name and image from most of its pages. The cleansing is not quite complete as his name is still listed on its Tournament Leader Board page.

Bonomo’s ouster means that just Evelyn Ng and David Williams are the only ones left. It remains to be seen if either will be around much longer as neither is considered to be household names.

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