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Blom Dispatches Another Victim in SuperStar Showdown

by Omar

PokerStars continues to be Isildur1′s personal playground when it comes to the SuperStar Showdown and there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do about. Shortly after Viktor Blom’s arrival, he sat down to play a match against Isaac Haxton in the first installment of the showdown and was convincingly defeated. Since then, there have been three other matchups in the challenge and Blom had managed to dispatch all three of his adversaries with a surgeon like precision, using his uber-aggressiveness to his advantage.

First was Tony G, then came Dan Cates and now last night it was Eugene “MyRabbiFoo” Katchalov. As per the terms if the Showdown, Blom and Katchalov four-tabled heads up $50/$100 No-Limit Hold’em in a contest which lasted just under 4 hours. After carefully sparring and being close for the first half of the contest, Blom rode a very conservative game plan to be just about even with his opponent.

From there, Blom caught a solid wave of cards and methodically was able to pick his opponent apart. In fact, had the contest lasted just a bit longer, Katchalov very well could have earned the distinction of being the first showdown participant to be dealt an embarrassing blow by losing their entire $150K buy in. Instead, Blom had to settle for an impressive $111K haul, the largest win in the series so far.

Making their presence known through a simple comment in the chat box was PokerStars frontman Daniel Negreanu. At the conclusion of the match, simply wrote;

“KidPoker: So this Isildur1 kid might be pretty good afterall :)

It is being speculated all over the Internet that Negreanu is gearing up for a potential showdown with PokerStars hottest name, Blom. They would be well served to hold off on that matchup so the drama can continue to build, especially with Blom on his current roll. A matchup between the two would be an early favorite to be 2011′s online poker news of the year.

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