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The Hinkle Brothers - Historic WSOP wins

by Poker Team

Sunday was father’s day and papa Hinkle must have been a proud father. Blair Hinkle (blur5f6) followed in his brother’s footsteps Sunday as he won Event #23, the $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament at the 2008 WSOP.  A field of 1,344 players took action at the poker tables for this event.  As reported earlier on, Blair’s brother Grant, won the $1500 No-Limit Hold’em event just 11 days earlier.  (See Grant’s big win). This was another “first” in this exciting WSOP season as this is the first time brothers have ever won WSOP bracelets in the same year.

Blair credits his brother Grant with introducing him to the game of poker, but it is Blair who has made it his full time career as Grant continues to work his day job as a Marketing Manager in Kansas City.  Blair Hinkle won $507,563 for his first place finish at the $2K No-Limit Hold’em event on Sunday.

“Winning the same year as Grant means probably more than just winning it. We’re setting a record together and he’s the one that really got me going in poker. I’m just really happy that we could both win in the same year and do something historic. It’s been a blast,” Blair said. Grant and Blair’s mother attended the final table and witnessed the historic event.  She has 2 other sons but neither of them are involved in the world of poker, so the WSOP field won’t have to worry about another Hinkle.

Event #23 - 2008 WSOP - No Limit Hold’em Final Table

Blair had the 2nd highest chip count going into the final table for Event #23. Eight of the nine final table players consider themselves professional poker players, so it was definitely a competitive final table. Here was the final table:

Andrew Jeffreys: 1,051,000
Blair Hinkle: 1,030,000
Dustin Dirksen: 867,000
David Steicke: 611,000
Mark Brockington: 552,000
Daniel O’Brien: 465,000
Stepane Tayar: 323,000
Chris Bjorin: 247,000
Dominik Kulicki: 241,000

Blair Hinkle compiled an all out assault on the rest of the field by single handedly eliminating his last 6 opponents.  While the others were eliminated the final two players left were Hinkle and Mark Brockington. Note that Hinkle had a large chip lead over Brockington in the final match.

Final Hand - Event #23 - 2008 WSOP

Mark Brockington - moved “All-in” pre-flop against Blair Hinkle

Blair Hinkle - called

Brockington: Ad Ks

Hinkle: 6 - 6 (pocket 6′s)

Flop: As - 6d - 2c

Turn: 8c

River: 2

Blair Hinkle won with a set of 6′s and Mark Brockington walked away with a nice second place check for $326,552.

Blair Hinkle Online

In addition to Blair’s live tournament play, he is a major force in the online poker world, recently placing 6th at the Full Tilt Poker $1K buy-in on Mondays, and 4th at the $215 buy-in at the $200K guaranteed at UB. His best online win was at the Full Tilt Poker FTOPs $200 6max- 150k.  For you online poker players, keep an eye out for screen name blur5f6” and ” blur_5f6“, as you will be playing against a WSOP champion.

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