Bjoerni89 sets PokerStars Record

by Jeremy

A new Team PokerStars Online member by the name of Bjorn “Bjoerni89″ Schneider set an impressive record at the world’s largest online poker site after earning 3,058,660 VPP’s throughout 2011.

Relatively unknown a couple of years ago in the online poker community, Schneider started getting noticed a lot more after signing with Team PokerStars in November. Then it became apparent to many that Bjoerni89 was a serious threat to break the VPP’s record previously held by Kevin ‘WizardOfAhhs’ Thurman. He really turned up his playing volume in December, and was able to take Thurman’s record down with several days to spare.

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It should be noted that Schneider lost around $90k playing online poker on the actual tables in 2011. However, the insane amount of VPP’s he earned ensured that the German made somewhere between $100k and $400k when these points were cashed in.

One thing that’s really inspiring about Schneider is that he was just another low stakes grinder a couple of years ago. But in a year’s time, he graduated from playing $5 SNG’s to $100 heads-up SNG’s. Just a year after this, he was competing at the highest level of PokerStars SNG’s by playing the $5k games. With his place on Team PokerStars the 22-year-old has gained even more respect and fame within the poker world.

In addition to playing online poker, Bjorn Schneider is also a German university student who studies philosophy and history. For fun, he enjoys playing video games such as Starcraft and World of Warcraft. But as you can tell by the ridiculous amount of VPP’s earned at PokerStars, it appears as if the German’s passions firmly lie with poker.