Biggest Bad Beat in Party Poker History

by Poker Team

Party Poker Bad Beat JackpotParty Poker recently paid out the biggest Bad Beat Jackpot in the history of the poker room’s storied career. A total of $700,000 was awarded to six different players in the largest Bad Beat Jackpot we have seen in quite some time. A $44 pot on one of Party Poker’s $0.10/$0.25 NL Hold’em tables makes this Bad Beat one for the record books.

UPDATE 8/15/08 - The previous largest bad beat in Party Poker history of over $700K was recently topped as the Bad  Beat Jackpot was won in August 2008 in the amount of $1,013,381.63.  Congrats on the winners!

Players Involved in the Bad Beat Jackpot

Party Poker player EBponpogyKT” earned $332,306 after his 4 of a kind Queens lost out to a straight flush.

Party Poker player “ghostridah1″ took home $166,153 as he actually won the hand.

The rest of the players including Lievaai84, Priest8, WheelsteR and Shapatesh, all earned just over $41K for just being present at the table.

Bad Beat Hand

EBponpogyKT - Kc-Qd

ghostridah1 - 10s - Js

ghostridah1 called and everyone else folded.

Flop: Qh-Ks-Qs

At this point, EBponpogyKT had a full house and was in control of the hand, although ghostridah1 had a straight flush draw and called a $1.50 bet.

Turn: 9s

ghostridah1 now had a straight flush and trap called the $3 put in by EBponpogyKT.

River: Qc

EBponpogyKT now had four of a kind and thought he had the winning hand, so he went all in and his bet raised to $19. Unfortunately for EB, ghostridah1 won the hand with the straight flush. Fortunately all the players were rewarded for their play with this Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot.

What is the Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot?

The Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is actually a “Progressive Jackpot“, meaning it progressively increases. Party collects $0.50 from every raked hand from players that compete on their Bad Beat Jackpot Tables. There are more than 100 Bad Beat tables going at any one time, so typically the jackpot increases by $1,000 every hour. The more your play, the larger the jackpot gets. You win on the bad beat tables by losing with a hand of four of a kind (like in the above example) 8s, or better.

50% of the jackpot will go to the loser, 25% to the winner of the hand, and 25% will be split among the remaining players who participated in the hand.

How to Qualify for the Party Poker Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot

  • Download Party Poker
  • Register an account
  • Visit the “Cash Game Table” tab
  • Look for the Bad Beat Jackpot Game
  • Enter the game