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Betting on the November Nine Opens

by Omar

Gamers can bet on virtually anything, from the outcome of sporting events to the winner of a reality singing competition. So it seems a natural fit that one can bet on who will emerge as the winner of the World Series of poker Main Event. That’s right; the lines for the November Nine have just been released by Betfair.

Here are the early lines on the November Niners and their chips counts:

Player Chip Count Current Odds

Jason Senti 7,625,000 25/1

Joseph Cheong 23,525,000 6/1

John Dolan 46,250,000 4.6/1

Jonathan Duhamel 65,975,000 3.75/1

Michael Mizrachi 14,450,000 7/1

Matthew Jarvis 16,700,000 11.5/1

John Racener 19,050,000 9.2/1

Filippo Candio 1 6,400,000 16.5/1

Soi Nguyen 9,650,000 18.5/1

With the lines posted, poker fans from all over the world can, in a sense, truly get in on the action of the final table. Though you won’t win any actual bracelet by betting on the winner, what you will have is a vested rooting interest and be able to experience some of the thrills of the outcome.

Current chip leader, Jonathan Duhamel of Canada is the favorite at 3.75 to 1. His $20 million chip lead makes him a pretty good buy for those who are able to get in on the action early. As with any sporting event, volume of bets placed on him would shift his odds downward, leading to a lower payout. The best time to buy is now as it is unlikely that his price tag will rise as bettors tend to ride favorites.

The lone remaining household name of the final table is Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. Mizrachi arrived in Las Vegas in a state of financial upheaval. However, a win at the prestigious $50K Players Championship and his deep Main Event run have seemingly enabled him to climb out of the doldrums. His current 7-1 odds figure to get a lot of action as he is the most experienced and strongest live player remaining in the field.

The remaining players of the final table are by and large accomplished online players without a whole lot of live experience under their belts. A bettor may just take a flier on a longshot and hope for a big payday. After all, a year ago, a kid by the name of Joe Cada entered the final table in 8th place so a longshot may be a worthy wager.

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