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Best Poker Chat Put Downs

by Poker Team

What’s the best poker chat put-down you’ve witnessed at the poker tables? Do you opt for an all out, foul-mouthed tirade (and get the inevitable chat ban warning mail), or do you prefer a more subtle, cunning response? There are a number of put downs being discussed at the”>2+2 forums. Remember, even the pros are prone to blowups – just ask the likes of Ziigmund, Luke Schwartz, and of course Phil Hellmuth! Here are some of the top poker chat put downs from the community. What are your favorite Poker Chat Put Downs?

  • F5 master
  • God Bless Chris Moneymaker
  • nice catch
  • i’ll be dikn ur girl
  • get on your bike
  • Thanks for your donation
  • When does your book come out
  • ty
  • you’re right, i am lucky, you keep sitting at my table
  • wanna play hu
  • want some cheese to go with that whine
  • pass the ketchup
  • Thanks for coming
  • ugotpzd
  • Bring on more russians
  • thank you come again
  • save ur breath, u’ll need it for ur date
  • Players only at the table, please
  • I think you got leveled.
  • Free Money For Poker

    Thanks for your donation :)
    I donated to quite a few guys ^^

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