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Best Friends Capture WSOP Bracelets in Back to Back Days

by Poker Team

Following his first ever World Series of Poker win, poker pro Chris Bell said,

“Things definitely run in twos and threes. You hear about these guys who have never won bracelets and then all of a sudden they win two.”

What he was referring to was the fact that up until very recently, he and best friend and fellow poker pro Gavin Smith had never had the good fortune of winning a World Series of Poker bracelet. And then, in just the blink of an eye, on back to back days, both captured titles and earned their places in poker history.

As was reported yesterday, over the weekend, PokerRoad radio’s own Gavin Smith captured the $2,500 Mixed Hold em event for a $268K. Just 24 hours later, it was Bell’s turn and he methodically picked apart a final table to win the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Event. Perhaps even more astonishing about the win was that prior to this year’s series, Bell was flat broke. In fact, he only played the tournament because friend Erick Lindgren staked him. It turned out to be a sound investment for Lindgren indeed.

In fact, last year, it turns out that both players were completely at the end of their poker bankroll. Of their lack of funds, Bell said,

“That’s another thing [we] both had in common: We stayed broke together for the last year.”

The very next day, Bell and Smith made the rounds on an episode of PokerRoad radio devoted solely to their accomplishment. They reminisced about their friendship with Smith becoming emotional at one point. At the very least, neither of these individuals is broke anymore, though the bond they seem to share trumps any price tag.

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