BBC features Black Friday Poker Video

by Jeremy Olson on April 10, 2012

While Black Friday happened over a year ago, the mainstream media’s fascination with the subject continues even today. The latest piece we’ve seen involves the BBC doing a little special on Black Friday, and how it’s affected pros like Robert Fellner.

The video started with Fellner driving through Las Vegas and discussing how he got into online poker. During this part, the 28-year-old talks about why he prefers online poker over its casino counterpart - with one of the biggest reasons being that he can get more hands in per hour.

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Another person in the video is Pokerati founder, Dan Michalski, who said online poker was “the day trading of the past decade.” Unfortunately, as many of you already know, this day trading hit a major bump in the road when the US government cracked down on offshore poker sites, which included Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, UB Poker and PokerStars. Since this mess, only PokerStars has managed to reimburse affected players - including Fellner - who received his $150,000 back.

Fellner went on to discuss how he initially thought that Black Friday was a “joke,” and didn’t believe something of this magnitude could hit the online poker world. Furthermore, he said that it was a two-fold loss because he not only had a career taken away, but also the aforementioned funds that he was eventually paid back.

If you’re interested in checking out the video, you can do so here. Assuming you do watch it, you can appreciate yet another segment that provides a quick insight into how rough US online poker players have had it lately.